Thursday, January 30, 2014

lomina bempah2

     In Holding On the person that i admire the most is Moreese Bickham, Prisoner Of Louisiana Sate Penitentiary, Angola, Louisiana. A man of surviver. Each time Bickham appeared before the pardon board, his name is not on it. He has been convicted before the civil rights movement. I admire him because he stayed strong after all the things that has happen to him.

    In Scott Russell Sander story he talks about his family legacy how they all use the same tools over and over to build this for themselves.  I like how he changes his mind about letting his daughters gerbil starve to death when he escaped but then he heard on the radio " Several thousand people had dies in a city in India from poisonous cloud that had leaked overnight form a chemical plant. A nuclear powered submarine had been launched. Authorities calculated that several thousand homeless people slept on the streets within sight of the Washington Monument" and he told hes daughter that he will set food and water by the heating vent and lure them out. He thought about how people where in need of food and water.

    I think researching about will about Moreese Bickhman will be great i would like to know more about him and what happen to him.

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  1. I like the quote you chose Lomina and I too would like to know more about Moreese


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