Thursday, January 16, 2014

Gabrielle's First Blog Post

   My name is Gabrielle Frantz and I am a freshman. I went to Bishop Watterson for 3 years and then transferred to Dublin Coffman for my senior year. A fun fact about me is that I went to Oregon a few summers ago to visit family and I went to a bunch of the spots where Twilight was filmed. I have two dogs and I am obsessed with one of them because she is super fluffy and crazy. Lastly, my best friend is in this English class and her name is Molly Anne Black. I have been best friends with her since I was three months old.
   A quote that stuck out to me from Why I Write: Making No Become Yes was, "I owe them my roots and my memory. I am duty-bound to serve as their emissary, transmitting in the history of their disappearence, even if it disturbs, even if it brings pain." This quote from Elie Wiesel stuck out to me because he wants to tell the stories of the dead and the Holocaust because it is now just a story for people to hear but a memory for him. Just like we discussed in class, there are people who do not believe the Holocaust actually happened. Instead of letting people believe that, Elie focuses on the importance of honoring those who passed away and wants people to have respect for them too. I think Elie is a very strong and courageous man.


  1. That is cool you went to go visit the Twilight site!

  2. thats so cool that you got to go to on a trip out west!I want to do that someday too

  3. My Best friend is in our English class too!


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