Thursday, January 16, 2014

Tong's First Blog

Hi everyone, my name is Tong and I'm from China.  I moved to United State about 7 years ago with my family.  I came from a little village that located in the southeast China.  I can speak 3 different kind language such as Chinese, English, and Fuzhou Dialogue.  I love shopping and hanging out with my best friend.  Some fun facts about me is that I went to three different high schools and I always plan to travel.  I have a lot of friends who came from different countries and we always plan to travel. 

I think the essay "Why I Write: Making No Become Yes" is a powerful writing that refresh our memory of Holocaust.  "A soldier shrugs his shoulders, and a thousand families are torn apart, to be reunited only by death.  This was the concentration camp language.  It negated all other language and took its the reader be brought to the other side"(page 17).  The quote from the essay is very expressive.  Most Jews killed in Holocaust and the Jewish families are torn apart.  They were facing the death in front of the fire.  Wiesel's writing tells the readers that there are no words can't really explain but he uses words to refresh the readers' memories.  He tells the reader that he will never forget the dead and he want the reader remember the victims from oblivion.     

My friend Winnie got me the Disney hair accessory from Florida and I always want travel to Florida. 


  1. Having a bunch of friends from all over the world must be exciting!

  2. Yes. "Why I Write: Making No Become Yes" is a powerful writing.


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