Thursday, January 30, 2014

the second post

respond to holding on:  The most person I interesting on so far this book is Moreese Bickham. Morose was black man who kill two police man. He want to navy South Pacific and, he discharge. and he move Louisiana. The reason why I choice is person was because this time america had slave still. This two police man attack him in his house and he kill both of them. He want to jail in Louisain and that time he claim he was self defend but the state didn't have that rule. after he want jail he realize what he did that night. but he never give up his hop. he stay strong, but when he remember the pain he was been he hop to die that night. on page 35 on holding on "and when I get to talking about it, mind gose that night, it was just a nightmare! Oh boy. It makes me feel like it might have been batter if I killed that night than to go  through all I've been through. Man, man, man."

Scott Russell Sanders: he was felt  so guilt because his father never stop drinking. he felt his family were they lost. and somehow when his drink he became nice. accord the passage on page  (185) "the secret bores under the skin, gets in the blood, into the bone, and stays there. long after you have supposedly been cured of malaria, the fever can flare up, the tremors can shake you. So it is with the fevers of shame. You swallow the bitter quinine of know knowledge, and you learn to feel pity and compassion." what surprise me the most in this story was his father drinking became the family secret. but if you look the relate this is not secret. that is what surprise me. what I did learn  he had taught problem. he his father was alcoholics and, he felt he is helpless.

research question do you think  slaves still assize in a America?
also another research question what cost the civil war is there economy problem or free the slaves?  



  1. yes, I agree that his father was never stop drinking which affected his childhood.

  2. I was so shocked finding out what really happened to Moreese Bickham. It was sad of how he was denied probation many times. but it got better when he finally got out and went to his wife and child and grandchildren.


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