Thursday, January 30, 2014

Exploration Two

In Holding On I admired the profile on Geneva Tisdale the most. I don't know how she put up with working at the same store for so long and getting under paid. She seemed to really love where she worked despite of the conditions and way she may have been treated sometimes. Geneva demonstrates creativity by being good at what she does and sticking by it no matter what. She just tries to enjoy life and her work. She probably doesn't know the impact she may have had on that store but i'm sure a lot of people came through there over the years that she could've effected in some way or another.

In Scott's story what most surprised me is that when he described his dad it didn't seem like he held back much even though you could tell he was ashamed and embarrassed. I think that he could've inferred a lot of the things about his dad but it was very honest of him not to for the sake of his son. From this story I learned that even though we are not the same person as a our parents that we come from them and therefor are a lot like them and can easily inherit their behaviors. Even though he didn't become and alcoholic like his father he was still addicted to putting his life into work. Things effect us more than we think that the do and its not always something we see right away.

A question I had during reading was how come so many governors wouldn't give Moreese Bickham a pardon or a trial?

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  1. I also admired Geneva Tisdale the most! I could never stick with a job that had conditions like hers


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