Thursday, January 30, 2014

Exploration 2

1.  According to the profile stories in the Holding On, I think Maury Graham is the person who I admire the most.  In his interview, I find out that there are difference between hobo and bums.  I felt Mr. Graham was very proud that he was the part of the hobo in his interview.  He told the readers how he became hobo because of his broken home.  His label was hobo and he work for his meal.  He didn't bug people for food because that was what bums would do.  I like his personalities.  No matter how poor he was, he always work for his life.

2.  Scoot Russell Sanders shared a very deep story of his father who was affect by alcoholism.  He felt guilty because Sanders could not stop his father's drinking.  His writing told the reader because of his father, he felt helplessness, responsibility and shame because he was the son of an alcoholic.  Because of  alcoholism, his violence action made him became a demon.  According to the quote from his essay,  "Father would pull out his belt ans swear to give us a whipping... I can see him grabbing Mother by the hair as she cowers on a chair during a nightly quarrel"(page 187).  This passage surprised me the most,  Sanders told us on the beginning of the story that he tried to understand his father because he though his father drink to ease the ache.  I couldn't understand his father's reaction.  He could be very nice when he get drank and he would kiss his children.  He also could be very violence.  I learn the alcoholism was the most harmful thing happen in Sanders's family.  They think it was a shame and they don't want share with other.  According to Sanders's story, I believe alcoholism could affect million families and it important to stay away from alcoholism.

3.  According to Geneva Tisdale's interview. does the color of the skin matter when people apply for their job back to the 1960?                  


  1. the color skin was matter that time because of segregation and discriminations

  2. I agree with you that Maury was proud to be a Hobo and he enjoyed every minute of it. it was a really interesting story.

  3. I agree with you that Sanders writting is told people about alcoholic and its influence to the family.

  4. I like Maurys profile also because of how hard he worked and made sure to differentiate himself from bums


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