Thursday, January 16, 2014


My name is Eri Tahiraj, I am 18 years old.  This is my freshmen year of college and I plan on studying International Business.  I graduated from Hilliard Davidson high school.  I played soccer there all 4 years.  I was born in Tirana, Albania and moved to the U.S.A when I was eight.  Something about me is that I love cooking.  A fun fact about myself is that I am fluent in three other languages, Albanian, Italian, and Greek.

"Two down, I felt powerful, capable, I could handle whatever came to me" This quote really says a lot about this story.  She had caught her husband cheating and it really describes how she was feeling at the moment.  She used her husband cheating as motivation to butcher the chickens, it was kind of like an adrenaline rush for her.  The killing of the chickens is probably the most important part of the story but there was so much anger in her life that killing the chickens probably helped her release some of that anger.


  1. Thats so cool that you are fluent in other languages !I want to learn another language because i think it would be cool to travel to other countries and be able to communicate witht hem

  2. I also graduated from Hilliard Davidson High School and I think it's cool that you majoring in International Business


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