Thursday, January 16, 2014

first post

  Hallo class my name is Najima Anot. I born in Kenya, but I'm original from Somalia. Located East Africa. I have four brothers and five sisters. Their names is Abdinajib, Najah, Abdirahman, Najad, Nawal, Abdinur, Nasteeho, Nimqo, Abshir, Fartuun. I came to United State on 2004. I stared six grade. I graduate high school on 2012. This is my third  semester at The Ohio State University. I'm studying nursing. The fun fact  unique  about me is I speak four language. My first one is Somali, second one is Swahili, Arabia , English.

The most interesting I find Frederick Douglas  his essay was he want to all the people are equal. that  was his hop. Also the another things I interesting about him  was he learn alphabet when he was twelve years old. Also his father was white man. And always he called his father master. Douglas his first wife was black and second wife was white. when people asked him why you marriage white woman. He "said" my first wife she same is color with  my mom and second one she is same  color  with my dad.



  1. I really love u status I see u got a lot of brothers and sisters

  2. It’s an interesting fact that Douglas learn alphabet when he was 12yeas old. Yes he is a biracial so I think he married two different races, culture.

  3. I am also from Kenya and I can speak a little bit of Somali but I understand Somali very well.

  4. I bet it is fun having so many siblings!


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