Thursday, February 13, 2014


Americans only fear one thing Inconvenience. We always think about food but we never thought about where they come from. Does our farmer make money of this? Back then they use to wait for everything to take their time to grow but now that the population to growing they are injecting thing to animals and feeding then with tings that make them grow faster than their normal growth. Monoculture is the agricultural practice of growing a single crop species over a wide area and for a large number of long period of  years.
   There are ways to produce healthy fresh food. Much of the process thy do to the food destroys much of the nutrients. They use little amount of food and the rest are what we don't know.Local organic food costs more because they are full of nutrients you. If they try to feed as organic it wouldn't be enough for all of as because of our population. We have small companies trying to produce good food.I think the theme to the movie is" Destroying our food process". And the question over is Is American doing the right thing process our food?


  1. "Americans only fear one thing" is one of the quotes that I picked as well. I really like your explanation of the quote.

  2. "we always think about food but we never thought about where come from."
    i like to your idea because many people just eat food but they don't how the effect thier health.

  3. "Americans only fear one thing..inconvenience." I really like that you added this to your blog because I put it in mine too. I think it is a big statement that is 100% true. It really is nasty to think about what we really are putting into our bodies. My Aunt is very into practicing healthy food habits and every time she visits she makes us eat better, and it really does make me feel better. The local organic food even tastes better than the industrialized produce at the grocery. Hopefully America can practice better food habits and we can make a change!

  4. We always think about food but we never thought about where they come from. i like that quete becouse that is so true ,when we are hungry we really don't care what we are eating.


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