Thursday, February 13, 2014

sudi's exploration 4

The Flim that we wactch in the class was really intersing flim to watch. the flim show us all the diiferrent people that work with our food that we are eating. The most important thing int his film is that we are learning about where the food that we are eating coming from, how fromers take care of the food. The most evidence that was convincing was many of the formers go thought many hard work that we dont know about, for example the guys that was taking care of pigs get invection in his leg becouse one of the pigs step on him as he was trying take care of them. The flim uses camparison and cantrast between the farmers.The only question that i have is that is it worst it going thought all those hard work that they go though. We can apply those question to our culture by going out of our zoon trying those work that they do.

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