Friday, February 21, 2014

Exploation 5

1. Moreese bickham is one person that  I read about in this profile, this picture was taking on feb 1990 the place was taking in this picture was louisian state prison and it was also largest prision in the nation
he spend his life behind the bar and he was really worried about everything  "he fell from death row in 1973"
pondering of what happen to him he sitting quite over his bed there,s no to communicate.

2.he killed two office and he wanted to defend him self  I like when he said " just one a 'them things i don't understand if i knew what was going to happen, I could have avoided it. on page 35. he  didn't created any problem or solver any problem accept he get out of the prison when he become old.

3. he,s someone who is very strong and have more confident with him self of my favorite passages i like about morees bickham, "My crime is murder of two white deputies in mandeville.i was in dance hall with my common -low wife.the reason i like is he had argument with his wife and two deputies come to his wife and they told they will arrest her so i like the way he defend his wife.

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