Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Exploration Three

I am a Vegetarian and I eat all Vegetarian foods but I always eat Indian homemade food. Basically I love sweet foods like deserts,  variety of Indian sweets. Well I always eat rice with daal and vegetable curry. Whenever my mom cooks sweet rice(keshari bhath) I eat lot and I don't need anything else with that. This is a delicious food. Sometimes I take in my lunch to school or college. It is so easy to cook simple way.


1 tblsp cashewnuts
1 tblsp raisins
Saffron few strands
1 cup basmati rice
1/2 tsp green cardamom powder
1 tblsp pure ghee or unsalted butter
1/2 cup sugar
1 and ½ cup water
Soak rice for 10minutes. Heat up ghee in a pan, fry raisins and cashewnuts, remove and keep aside. In the same ghee mix in rice and stir fry till rice starts separating. Dissolve saffron in warm water and keep aside. Mix in 1and 1/2 cup of boiling water to the rice and mix in saffron water and let it cook.
When half-done mix in sugar and continue to stir fry till all the water has been absorbed and the rice is cooked. Finally mix in the cardamom powder and decorate it with fried dry fruits and sugar crystals.Serve hot.
Traditionally we always eat Indian food.  Rice, Roti, Daal, Curry are our staple food. I am from a village and my grandparents are farmer so rice is our main dish every day. Without rice we feel hungry.


  1. That is neat that you are a vegetarian! I have a friend who is an Indian and eats all the same foods also.

  2. I love many types of rice but have never tried this type of rice but I would love to! I think it is really cool that you're a vegetarian.


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