Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Aziz Hamid Exploration 3

Food as Culture

A specific food  that means the most to me is sombusa. I really look forward in eating sombusa whenever I have a chance. It is a very delicious dish. Sombusa are deep fried pastry shaped like a triangle. The main ingredient is the meat usually beef, but sometimes people fill it with chicken or fish. It is also stuffed with different kinds of vegetables. Sombusa are made by first heating up some oil on a skillet depending on how much sombusas you want to make, stir occasionally for about 5 minutes, then adding the meat and vegetables and also stir occasionally. Then your ready to put the filling in the wrapper shaped like a cone. Many of the times you can buy the wrapper pre-made which saves you a couple of steps. Once the filling are in the wrapper you use water to close the seal. Finally you are ready to fry the sombusa anywhere between 360 F-380 F for about 3 minutes on each side of the sombusa. 


A food that is very special in my family are dates. Dates are eaten the most during the month of Ramadan, when fasting takes place. My family would always break their fast, by first eating a date. Dates are valued in  Islam because our Prophet Muhammad broke his fast with a date before anything else.


  1. We also have Samos in our culture but ours are made a little different way, and also they are vegetarian. I can eat like a 100 and not get full.

  2. I really love samosas too. Its the only thing i look forward to during Ramadan and the dates of course


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