Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Exploration Four

In the documentary film Fresh, it a film that talk about the differences between the industrialized food and organic farming systems.  There are many farmers and ecologists were argue about how we should avoid the industrialized food and the ricks of the industrialized food.The film tried to convincing the people that we should reduced the industrialized food by using the comparison and contrast.  In the beginning of the film, it shows us there are many of chickens produced in minute by using the industrialized technologies.  I feel the industrialization of food production is increasing rapidly.  I never thought we could use the machines to produced meat or vegetables.  The ricks of the lager productions of chicken could produce the disease.  After we saw the production of the chicken, we saw a farm who named Joel Salatin who also produced vegetable and feed the chicken.  Salatin wake up very early in the morning, he will let the chicken out if the track.  He also feed the cow and he told the audience that " they feed the plant, and plants feed the cow".  He think the environment and farming are a team.  He thought using the natural resources to feed the cows and chickens is better than the industrialized production.  There is big contrast was the environment of the industrialized industry is totally different than the organic farming.  We could how crowd the industrialized industry and the famers think even the industrialized company make a lot of money but they forget how health foods were important to the consumers.  The farm's environment is totally different than the industrialized company.  The farmer love produced things naturally.  They don't get pay much but they still want work hard because they thought producing the organic products were very important in the society.  The comparison in the film is all the farmer such as Will Allen and the ecologists are agree to avoid the industrialized food and they want the consumers eat health.  They didn't use the chemical fertilizer to feed the animals and plant.

In my conclusion, I think in today's society, there are many company who produced industrialized foods and sell in the markets.  Most company make money by decreasing the supply cost but they sell in the higher price.  The healthy foods are very important for us because we want eat healthy.  We don't want get the decease because of the industrialized foods.  I rather use more money to buy healthy food or I will produced vegetables on my own.  I think everyone want eat the vegetables that doesn't contain any chemical fertilizers.  Everyone want eat fresh and we should avoid the instustrialized foods.  

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  1. I agree that this film is compare and contrast between industrial farming and organic farming in our agriculture society. I think your explanation is crispy and easy to understand. I like your quote which is "they feed the plant, and plants feed the cow." Its like the food chain which I've studied in ecology.


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