Thursday, February 20, 2014

Exploration Five

 Hinkel Schillings and Shade Pate:

      Schillings and Pates' first profile picture is both of them kneeling on the ground with four of their hounds by them. The first thing I notice in this picture is their non expressive facial features and the hounds. This picture comes off as a very serious story behind it because there seems to be no happiness in the picture. The mood immediately strikes you as intimidating when just looking at their faces but opposite when looking at the hounds. The hounds almost symbolize the playfulness which makes the picture less serious.This picture reveals how they may come off as serious people but actually really enjoy what they do by putting the hounds in the picture. Even though they are fox hunters this also reveals how the hounds are connected with them and help them with the thing that they love to do. The second picture in the passage is them two sitting on a bench. This picture may come off as them revealing that they are laid back and enjoying the lifestyle they are in which is fox hunting. In both of these pictures they are together. It somewhat symbolizes how they do every thing together and enjoy doing the same things. They both are shown in these pictures that they are important in each others lives.
       Schillings and Pates' are creative when it comes to their fox hunting in general. Both of them are very smart in what they are doing since they even "know the voice of each of their hounds, and can tell from the bark how close each dog is to the fox." Both of them need to know these types of things when they are trying to hunt a fox. They have to be creative in how they go about the whole process. First how many hounds they are going to use, where to go and the strategy's they are going to use.They are both dedicated in what they do and even run on no sleep when it comes to hunting. All of these different aspects help them when doing what they love.
        I would categorize both Schillings and Pate as eccentric. They both have an unusual way of what they are doing. To some fox hunters I am sure that they would find there method different from others.In addition too you do not usually see people who hunt foxes these days and want to do that for the rest of your life. Most people want to go to college and do things that everyone else would do or live the so called American dream. They both want to do the opposite and do not necessarily care about all those things they would rather do the things they enjoy.
        Many passages in this story were important in showing how much they loved what they took apart of. One of my favorite passages is " Hinkel: You get a lot of lessons out a-huntin' under the stars. listening to your hounds... It's wonderful. Shade: Yup. Hinkel: Wonderful! Shade: Yup." This passage shows how much they enjoy what they do. As Hinkel states "Wonderful!", wonderful is a very strong word to use and he enjoys it very much. Even as they describe it "a-huntin' under the stars," they find it beautiful what they do and describe it as almost magical.


  1. I never knew that people can fox hunt that's very interesting.

  2. Molly i think the choice you made to categorize them as eccentric because it really is unique what they do and it is new. i have never heard of that kind of thing before. it was a good profile to read.

  3. I also agree with you that both Schillings and Pate were eccentric. I also really like your quote.

  4. I agree with you and i really enjoyed you profile

  5. I agree that they were both really eccentric


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