Thursday, February 20, 2014

Exploration 5 by Tong Lin

1. James Smith is a grain scooper and he'd been scooping grain for almost forty years.  One of his profile photos show that he was scooping the grain and he had a nice smile on his face.  Another photo shows there are seven men scooping the grain.   I feeling that everyone was working very hard and they were enjoy their job. 

2. In this profile, James Smith started scooping grain when most of the Irish were from the old country.  It a tradition job in Irish family.  They had a union book which the Irish father were gave to their son.  The grain scoping was a dangerous job because people have gotten hurt often.  James Smith knew that he would got hurts often but he still handle this job.  He enjoy his life because most people were friendly in his place.  They would go to people's house for beer and cigar after work.  They could had some food to eat and had talks with other.  James Smith held the Irish's tradition and he was happy doing this.

3. I feel James Smith is more eccentric because he could choose other job rather than grain scooper. in the beginning I feel he had passion to be a grain scooper but I never realize that grain scooper was so dangerous. I think grain scooper could be a dangerous job but he worked almost forty years.  Most people like follow their family tradition because they think it the way they should be doing it.  I kind disagree because I think everyone had a chance to find what they really love and do the things make them happy.  In this profile, according to James Smith's interview, he was happy what he doing but he might need give himself a chance to see other things which would be more interesting than grain scooper.

4. I really like how James Smith told the audience that how he enjoy his job even he could got hurts, according to the quote, "People who come by and see us work say, : Oh my God, it's so dangerous!"  And it is dangerous...The boss'd say, "If you don't want the job, go home."  They had their own way"(page 110).  I think James Smith love scooping grain because it's a tradition job in his family.  He want hold the tradition even he might got injury.  I always wonder how can they really had passion to hold their family tradition.  Does they happy doing this?  Why they not giving themselves a chance to see other things?  James Smith's profile told me how he holds his job for a long time and his passions never disappears.       


  1. I would find being a grain scooper to be very exhausting and difficult, but somehow James was able to do it. His hard work must come from his Irish blood and his determination in a very dangerous career.

  2. I like the passage you picked. When he said it was dangerous and shows how important his job is too him. Also I think that James was happy with what he was doing even for how dangerous it was.

  3. I also feel James Smith is more eccentric of hos job as a grain scooper. I think it takes a lot of hard work to do his job. I also really like your quote

  4. James was so happy his job. his job was dangerous because in the story said "people gotten hurt." that shows how much he love because he never left his job and how is important his job


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