Wednesday, February 12, 2014

exproration 4

there were many important thing in the film we watch in the class on Tuesday. first it talks about monoculture. monoculture is bad for the animals and the plants and endearment. if you look back to years ago for the chickens was different than now. the chickens  takes time to grow up but now everything grow fast because the chemical they use. it was totally different operation. if you comparing and contrasting industrial farms and organic farms are way different. the industrial farms reduce everything. also industrial give the animals medicines so they can grow fast and reduce their eggs. the 40% of the nutrients take out. "when you  grow to much same thing you end up pass that things." that sentence it show us if you make a lot thins you end up many problem. monoculture are very dangerous for the environment. the organic farms are every good for the people and animals. for example organic chicken lay their egg on their own way  with out take the medicines and cows and chickens eat regular grass. organic farms is little expensive but it will save your life. the nutrients can recycle. for example animals can feting grass and grass can feting the animal. I believe we  can  stop the industrial and agriculture because if we continue this way environment will be distort. "is not good for environment and is not good for the farms but it's work for the system." this mean no matter what soon or later this comical it will distort the environment. we take the solution plants and animals can work together. "the apart of our responsibility is respect the destine of nature." industrial claim the reason why they use the chemical is they can't feting all world with out reduce eggs and others too.

we apply these ideas to our own experience which one is very important the environment or money. we have think what is coming up next in the future. people die because of  disease they get for the meat they eat everyday,  fruits, water and bad environment. we should replace to those stories who buy industrial to another stories. and protects our environment.                  

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  1. "I believe we can stop the industrial and agriculture because if we continue this way environment will be distort" I believe can can and need to stop it as well Najima


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