Tuesday, March 18, 2014

From Mike Lohre: Subjects and groups for Presenations

Dr. Martin Luther King: Radhika and Tong
Annie Leibowitz: Chloe and Amal
Magic Johnson: Christian and Aziz
Diana Nyad: Lomina and Bosteya
John Maynard Keynes: Mike, Jake and Eri
Howard Hughes: Zach and Annie
Steve Wozniak: Jai and Naman
Jared Leto: Molly and Gabrielle
Coco Chanel: Sudi and Najima

We will begin our research and I'll give you the prompts on Thursday. 

These will be very focused on explaining the dream or vision of each person and then narrowing in on and explaining a few key aspects of each subject.  We will work to give 10 to 12 minute Presentations which reveal our best conclusions about this subject.

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