Thursday, March 20, 2014

Exploration 6

The problem I focused on was human waste. Human waste affects the environment, animals and humans. Waste can cause severe health issues and diseases to man and animals. It can also have an effect on environmental pollution and the soil. Right now, human waste is having harmful effects on the environment and animals. As the human population continues to get larger, the build up of waste is continuing to get bigger. If we don't put a stop to human waste, then waste is just going to become more of an issue and might become more of a devastating impact on the human population.

A posible solution to the problem is dumping more money into the environmental sound waste management system. Landfills and methane would be reduced by vast amounts. Recycling has also became a major trend with substantial results. The only problem with spending more money on environmental solutions is this will take money away from other important factors, including education and healthcare.

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