Tuesday, March 18, 2014


The reseach that I most instering in the enviromental is soil. Soil is the one impront thing in our environment. Soil is the mixture of minerals, organic mattes, gases, liquids and a myriad of micro- and macro- organisms that can support plant life. The soil is the largest surficial global carbon reservoir on Earth, and it is potentially one of the most reactive to human disturbance and climate change. As the planet warms, soils will add additional carbon dioxide into the atmosphere due to its increased biological activity. Influencing the evolution of soil, water is the most powerful due to its involvement in the solution, erosion, transportation, and deposition of the materials of which a soil is composed.The problem that I focused is soil. However if no soil in the earth it will big problem in our environment because soil work everything. Planet live with soil and soil live water. There are Soil Formation five Parent Material , Climate,  Living organism, Topography and Time. If no of five of those it will be no soil or no planets in our environment.

The problem it will be affect our environment. For example if  is no water or organisms or climate the soil will destroy and the planets and animals will die because everything is recycle.  Also people will affect too because foods grow up the soil. The possible solution to this problem is stop use chemical in our environment. The most problem come from the chemical we use everyday in our environment. To me, everything make sense  to me because soil is our life and we didn't know anything that make our environment bad.  


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